Art and Design by Anthony Fransella
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  • Carousel 3d3d modeling and Animation
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move in a creative direction.


I've been a business owner, running my own freelance design studio for 8 years. I've been an instructional animator, creating online Flash courses for the medical field. I've been an Art Director, setting the vision. I've been a Project Manager, streamlining workflow.



I keep my eyes one what's to come, because if you haven't thought a few steps ahead, you're already behind. I'm looking at the future of education with MOOC, of technology and energy through inventions, and governance through automated community hub systems..



My experience in virtually all aspects of production, from Keyframe Animator to Art Director to Videographer to Web Programmer, helps me relate to and inspire team members from all walks of life. It also helps me fill any role that might be swamped on a given day.


3d Design.

With 15+ years doing 3d modeling and animation, I can bring this valuable resource to your projects. My specialty is 3d modeling and texturing, but I can also create/edit motion capture for games and digital doubles. I have experience with Lightwave 3D, Motionbuilder, Z-Brush, Maya, and Unity 3D, in addition to 2d and 3d compositing in After Effects and Digital Fusion.

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Web & UI Design.

I can go from a rough sketch to a wireframe to a final website, all while working with the client to ensure the site meets their current and future needs. Mobile UI and UX is covered, as is HTML5, Flash, PHP, AJAX, JS, JQUERY, and MYSQL.

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Graphic Design.

My experience working with small and medium sized businesses to develop their brand identity has given me a unique style that they come back for. Some of my clients have been using me for their design work for over 10 years, and it's not just my boyish charm bringing them back! The biggest challenge you'll have with me is trying to pick and choose from the endless stream of concepts and ideas I come up with.

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