3d Design

Computer based modeling and animation samples.


Ogre Ogre Armor Ogre Z-Brush Front Ogre Z-Brush Back Ogre wireframe Ogre Expression Test Ogre Hand Ogre Axe


Orc in the Mountain Orc by Firelight Orc in front of Tomb Orc diffuse test Orc wireframe

Misc Characters

Robot Female Robot Female - Concept Elektra Pose Elektra Wireframe Alien Anatomy Head Alien Anatomy Head

Anatomic Studies/Sketches

Skeleton Arm - rear anatomy Arm - front anatomy Leg Anatomy Alien Anatomy Study Alien Anatomy Study

3d Mattes, Backgrounds, and Misc.

Hobby Horse Old Man head Old Man profile Folding Door FHCHS Inception-style Logo Annunaki 3d Matte - Morgue Annunaki 3d Matte - Ark Background Texture 3d Roof Texture Hobby Horse